Neunoia Partners With IPEx


Neunoia is extremely proud to announce our partnership with Davenport University’s Institute for Professional Excellence also known as IPEx. We are pleased to be working with IPEx to develop e-learning offerings that complement their extensive and highly regarded live trainings. We look forward to providing IPEx with excellence in service and quality as they offer this exciting technology to their clients.


In the Image – Neunoia’s 2015-2016 Grand Rapids Charity Partner.

Every year Neunoia partners with a charity in Grand Rapids, MI to donate our time and skills in the hope that we can help meet an unfilled need. In the Image has been one of our favorite charity partners over the years and we were honored to be able to apply some of our video production capabilities in an effort to help them spread the word about their S.H.O.E.S program. Neunoia shot and produced this video which premiered at their “No Shirt, No Shoes, No Problem” luncheon. Check out the good work they do at



Mess with the Teleprompter – Liven up your eLearning Workflow

Rick Astley makes eLearning fun
eLearning has a bad reputation amongst learners for being boring. If you are a corporate training professional or involved in eLearning development, you know that building engaging courses is essential for effective online learning. However even with great content and superb course design the production process itself can often be tedious.

Having a Little Fun May Improve Your eLearning Courses

Whether you are setting up triggers in Storyline or recording a script explaining disability benefits (like we were) remember to have fun. At best having some fun at work will energize your performance and show in your finished trainings; at worst, you and a co-worker may simply share a laugh.

Check out this video outtake where we slipped a little joke into the middle of our teleprompter script! With that, remember to have some fun today.