A Smarter LMS

Why Leaf?


Leaf LMS is a modern learning management system built for today’s learning environment.

Harnessing the power of the Experience API (xAPI) and cloud-based server solutions, Leaf LMS allows you to focus on your training goals rather than worrying about maintaining your technology. Flexible and scalable, in both design and implementation, Leaf can be tailored to fit your brand and identity as well as grow with your business.



Learning happens everywhere! Utilizes the new Experience API, a modern redesign of SCORM, allowing us to bring SCORM tracking into modern web design practices.

Complete Solution

An integrated Learning Record Store (LRS), customized reporting, and simple user management functionality make our LMS a complete and hassle free solution for your organization.

Brand Integration

Private white-labeled LMS instances can be customized to fit your organizations branding and identity.

Cloud Hosted

Hassle free cloud hosting provides 99.9% uptime and the highest levels of security for your users and your content. Flexible usage tiers allow our service to scale to meet your immediate and future needs.

Back-End Management

We manage and administrate the back-end functionality so your organization can focus on providing a great learning program. Expect fast and easy setup and quick response time when and if needs arise.

Cost Effective

Removing the need to run and maintain your own server not only reduces equipment costs but also saves labor and eliminates downtime. Allowing you to focus on your learning culture instead of implementation.