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E-Learning: Putting the “Solution” in Resolution

Putting the “Solution” in Resolution
As we start 2017, many of us have set forth personal and professional resolutions to take ourselves to the next level in the New Year. From a business perspective, you may be considering ways to improve your company’s bottom line this year, and not surprisingly (to us, anyway), there are a number of ways e-learning solutions can positively impact your company’s profit-loss scenario.

  1. Keep safety #1. Many business owners and executives have heard the staggering statistics related to workplace safety. Each prevented lost-time injury or illness saves approximately $37,000, and each avoided occupational fatality saves around $1,390,000. More than 60% of CFOs reported that each $1 invested in injury prevention returned $2 or more. And the Department of Labor has plenty of similar statistics and case studies backing them up. By instituting an e-learning program that addresses common workplace safety hazards and the expected protocols for ensuring on-the-job safety, you can save your company hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost wages, medical expenses, legal fees, and infrastructure costs.
  2. On-board efficiently. As anyone who has ever started any job can tell you, there are weeks (if not months) spent “learning the ropes” and completing mundane tasks associated with on-boarding. E-learning can help to off-load some of those tasks, which can be completed before any new employee even sets foot at the office. This increased efficiency can help save money (and time) for any business.
  3. Reduce departmental closures and lost time. If you work in an industry such as manufacturing, healthcare, financial services, or hospitality, chances are you can’t just close a department or service line for all employees to complete training. By implementing an e-learning strategy, you can ensure employees stagger their training so that customers/patients are still being cared for and there’s no full-department down-time.
  4. Cut costs associated with on-site instruction. Where appropriate, e-learning solutions can help to reduce the costs associated with training facilitated by a paid instructor (travel expenses, daily stipends, etc.). In many cases, opting for a blended approach – whereby an e-learning solution is deployed in advance of and in addition to the enhancement of live training – can save an organization money by reducing the amount of time a live instructor spends on a training task and/or allowing the instructor to dive much deeper into the subject matter.

If driving cost savings is one of your resolutions this year, it’s time to consider adding an e-learning solution – or several – to your repertoire of training applications. Chances are you’ll see an immediate impact to your bottom line.

Getting to Know You…

Getting to Know All About Latte Zimmermann

Latte Zimmermann In each issue of our newsletter, we’ll spotlight one of our team members. Next up is Latte Zimmermann, who serves as Neunoia’s Operations Director.

Q: How long have you worked with Neunoia?
A: 5 years.
Q: What are some of your day-to-day responsibilities at Neunoia?
A: I help to manage processes and ensure our Learning Management System (LMS) is operating at the highest levels for our clients. I coordinate asset gathering, obtain software licenses, find and license copyrighted materials, and schedule production. At the front end, I work directly with Neunoia’s clients to gain a strong understanding of what they are trying to accomplish, so our team can work towards delivering a top-notch solution that gets them the results they want, yet is also cost-effective.
Q: What is your favorite part of your job?
A: Our team is incredible at coming up with creative solutions for our clients. We hear that feedback time and time again, so my favorite part of my job is having the opportunity to explore that creativity and come up with solutions that are often better than our clients ever expected.
Q: Describe the greatest challenge you’ve helped a Neunoia client overcome.
A: When many of our clients come to us, they have a high-level view of their expected outcomes. So when it comes to execution, we really enjoy helping our clients come up with a solution that will really work for them. It can be easy to become distracted by all of the possibilities. We had one client recently who came to us saying they wanted their new e-learning solution to incorporate a lot of extremely complex and expensive animation. And while Neunoia is capable of delivering that, I actually talked them out of it because it didn’t align with their objectives. We spent some time really diving into their expectations, their goals, and how they envisioned the product best working for their employee-base, then offered some alternatives that still incorporated new and exciting technology. The end result was a very high-quality e-learning solution that exceeded their expectations but didn’t cost tens of thousands of dollars.
Q: Why are you passionate about changing the perception of e-learning?
A: E-learning has been done so poorly in the past, but as with most forms of emerging and evolving technology, we are leaps and bounds ahead of where we were just 10 years ago. At Neunoia, we really and truly enjoy the opportunity to show our clients that e-learning can be done well, and efficiently.
Q: To date, what has been your favorite client success story?
A: There are many to choose from, so it’s difficult to select just one favorite! One recent success that comes to mind involves working with a client contact who has been overseeing training and continuing education for his company for more than 40 years. Imagine all that he’s seen in that amount of time – the changes in technology, the pace at which businesses now operate, the proliferation of connectivity and globalization! So, when he came to me and said that in all of his years of working with training and learning partners, he’d never come across a company that got it so right the very first time, that was really special.
Q: Where can you be found on the weekends?
A: At a live music event, probably. Both of my children are musicians.
Q: One fun fact that most people wouldn’t know about me…
A: Nate Mehren (Neunoia CEO) and I have released four full-length albums. Also, I was recruited to play both basketball and golf in college.

Be Mindful of the Tool du Jour: Gamification

If you’ve spent any time in the e-learning industry, or researching e-learning tool options, you’ve undoubtedly heard the “gamification” buzzword. As veterans in the e-learning industry, we’ve spent a great deal of time diving into the merits and pitfalls of this e-learning tool, and we caution clients to be wary of any trends that promise a “one-size-fits-all” solution. At the end of the day, no two companies are alike, and no two employees are motivated to learn in the same manner.

Learning Styles

While gamification can bring a sense of “fun” into the e-learning equation, it is critical to note that not everyone will take to a learning mechanism that involves badges, levels, and leaderboards. In fact, recent research suggests that competition amongst employees can sometimes have the opposite effect of what’s desired; it can actually turn employees off and demotivate them. When creating an e-learning tool for your organization, the most important consideration should be the retention of your learning/training messages by all of your employees, not just a select sub-set who may be familiar with or motivated by gaming.

Back to Basics

At the end of the day, you want your company to run more safely, efficiently, and profitably. E-learning systems can help you attain each of these end goals, but you may have to pass over, or reconsider the integration of, trendy techniques such as gamification. When we develop a new e-learning system for our clients, we start from the ground up. Our focus is on building e-learning solutions that mimic the situations that require the skills being taught to employees. Sometimes that allows for techniques like gamification, and sometimes it doesn’t. Before creating any e-learning platform, we suggest that you begin with the end in mind.

Finding a Place

We don’t want to come across as anti-gamification. In fact, gamification is one of the many tools in our toolbox that we integrate on behalf of our clients regularly. But we’ve learned our lessons about when and where to incorporate gamification in e-learning solutions. Assuming thoughtful development around motivation and an understanding of current research on engagement is deployed, gamification certainly can be a valuable technique. What you must bear in mind, though, is that content and subject matter need to stay married to design and functionality, ensuring that gamification does not seem out of context to the e-learning users. In many cases, Neunoia recommends implementing gamification as part of a multi-faceted and varied learning culture.


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